Sticky Rice “Khao Neaw”

Rice is one of the basics in the asian cruisine. But this special rice eaten by common people with bare hands is not that popular in western countries.

It can be used for main dishes and also for some sweet meals like “Sticky Rice Banana Rolls” or “Sticky Rice Mamuang” – Both recipes will be posted here soon.

I try to explain you how easy you can make this sweet or glutinous rice. 

What you need:

  • Rice Steamer Pot
  • Bamboo Basket (comes with Rice Steamer Pot in every good asian supermarket)
  • Sticky Rice




  • First of all you need time 🙂
  • It´s important to wash the rice first
  • Put the Sticky Rice in a bowl. Cover the rice with water and leave it there for 6 hours. So you have to “plan” your Sticky Rice meal!

Remember: Sticky Rice makes you more full than normal jasmine or basmati rice. You will just need 50 % of your normal portion!

  • Fill the Rice Steamer with water and boil it
  • Put the bamboo basket on top und fill it with the sticky rice
  • Cover the rice with a cooking top and steam the rice for 15 minutes
  • Remove the sticky rice and serve it or..

Put the sticky rice in one of those small bamboo baskets (asia supermarket) but first cover the basket with a plastic wrap to keep the rice “sticky” and “wet”.

The rice is perfect when it is sticky but doesn´t stick on your fingers when you roll it!




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Why Food? Why Asia? And why Love? 3 simple questions – 1 simple answer. If you´ve traveled in asia like me. If you try to find some new different and special things. If you keep your eyes and your mind open for a new taste. You will fall in love with the asian cruisine! That´s the reason why I start writing this blog. To share my love with all of you! I´ll try to post 1 or 2 recipes every week! THX to Pecilius in Singapore for the idea! Enjoy reading and exploring the asian cruisine! Peace Martin

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